Getting ready for the autumn care of the body


Autumn skin care

Autumn is a wonderful time for warm fragrant tea or favorite coffee, which you can drink, wrapped in a blanket and watching your favorite movies. Autumn - it's also time to make changes in the daily care of the body, so that nothing would prevent you from enjoying the golden at times. Changing the weather affects the skin condition, so we have prepared for you tips that will help to properly care for the body in the fall, so that the skin gets everything you need and shines with beauty and health.

The main rule of autumn care for the body is to replace the light moisturizers for the body with more universal ones. If in the summer must have is a light natural moisturizing milk, then in the autumn only moisturizing for the skin is not enough - you need to add food. Excellent means for complex skin care in the autumn - natural yogurts, cream and mousse for the body. Yogurt is an easy remedy, therefore, it is an excellent care for oily skin (choose among our Love me, Herbal, Relax or Energy a favorite aroma). Cream - a bit greasy, so for normal skin in the fall we recommend it (Yummy with coconut flavor and sweet dessert Cream Brulee also contain an extremely moisturizing component of fucogel). Mousse is the means with the highest fat content among universal, therefore for dry skin for autumn it is an excellent solution (our mousse for Tiramisu body also contains natural cocoa and gives skin a light tint).
Creams for hands and feet - this is also an important component of autumn care for the body. Already quite a cold wind and sudden changes in the weather affect the skin of the hands, and "heavier" shoes require skin care for feet. Therefore, be sure to stock up with natural creams for hands and feet. For fans of versatility - an excellent solution - our Keeper cream - he will take care of both the pens and the legs. If you are used to sharing care, then two separate creams for the hands and feet of Herbal will be excellent helpers and will make the skin of your hands and feet tender and soft.
Warm baths with the addition of natural foam or milk will be an excellent additional autumn care. Our Frappuccino foam perfectly relaxes the muscles, improves blood circulation and softens the skin, and dry milk for the bath is an indispensable means for supplementing the skin in the fall. Once a week, make yourself a bath with your favorite means - and no changes in the weather or autumn depression you are not afraid.
Autumn is the ideal period for the use of scrubs. Exfoliation is an important process for the skin throughout the year, and in the autumn, especially since after sunburn and summer sun the skin needs to be helped to recover. All our natural scrubs are great for use in the autumn period - some of them warm their fragrances, and some - remind of the summer. For especially sensitive skin - choose one of our gel-scrubs.
Let this autumn be unforgettable, and our natural cosmetics will give you healthy beauty, confidence and inspiration.

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