Taste cosmetics for body of the InJoy at the Food Festival

On September, 1-3, the Street Food so good festival of street food was held in Lviv, and our tastes for the body were also there. The organizers of the festival decided to diversify the event, adding the highlight - the street fair of natural environmental goods from Ukrainian producers and our natural cosmetics made in Ukraine - perfectly fit into the event.

To the theme of the festival, we took with it natural remedies for the body with delicious names and aromas that you would like to eat right away. Mousse, yoghurts, cream, butter, milk and body bats, our unbeatable elixir, face cream, natural natural shower gels and non-sulphatic shampoos, natural scrubs for the body - all this was a peculiarity of the fair. The symbol of the festival was watermelon, so we took with us and our special natural watermelon soap Greens - at the festival it was very popular.

The Ukrainian brand of natural cosmetics inJoy will always support an active lifestyle and active weekend, so keep an eye on our news and travels and look for us at festivals and fairs of the country.

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